Colour Pop Eye Shadows

Hi y’all! Lets talk ColourPop Super Shock Shadows. I have been completely obsessed with these shadows. They are in my kit and they are being put to work right away! I got these shadows two weeks ago and I wanted to get my hands dirty right away, so before I can apply it on my clients I took quick swatches to share with you guys. Then, I put them to test! Here is my consensus.
These shadows did that fail me. They remind more of pigments then shadows. Therefore, they are highly pigmented, very soft, they feel wet/liquidy when swatched therefore they went on so smooth and there was no fall out when applied. I used them with Mac’s Fix+ as well  and in methods the payoff was great. With Fix+ they looked like foil shadows but without they still had pigmentation. I only purchased from the metallic collection but I am sure the mattes or the satin would no fail me.

(Starting from the top and going clockwise) Get Lucky, Sequin, Game Face, On the Rocks, Cricket, Fantasy, Bae, Ibiza

 (Starting from the top and going clockwise) Get Lucky, Sequin, Game Face, On the Rocks, Cricket, Fantasy, Bae, Ibiza

With out Flash – (Starting at top) Get Lucky, Bae, Sequin, Cricket, Game Face, Ibiza,On the Rocks, Fantasy

 With Flash – (Starting at top) Get Lucky, Bae,Sequin, Cricket, Game Face, Ibiza,On the Rocks, Fantasy
– Get Lucky – Intense ultra-metallic, it feels very soft and liquidy but does not flake off. It is very gold with gold undertones in glitter.
– Bae – It is a duo-chrome metallic eye shadows and OMG it is out of this world! It reminds me of galaxy; with deep plum color with turquoise/green and emerald glitter in the mix. Again, when swatches this also felt very soft and liquidy but do not flake.
– Sequin – Rose gold shadow with silver and gold glitter. It is soft and liquidy but this gem here is so perfect that it can be used as an amazing highlight on the cheeks if you used a very light hand.
– Criket – This color is sooooo beautiful!!! It is this plum color with glitter that looks amazing when you pack it on the lid with maybe some fix+. It gives the most amazing smokey eye look! The shadow does need to be layed on if you want to use it for packing on the lid but it gives the most irresistible smokey effect.
– Game Face – Ultra-metallic finish shadow in copper like color. It is somewhere between a copper and gold. It does not have any glitter but does have a shiny finish. It is very pigmented and goes on very smooth.
– Ibiza – This is a very pigmented duo chrome bright turquoise. It has gold and silver glitter undertones. It is very smooth but not flaky at all! I love to pop this color under the waterline or near my tear ducks. It is bright and fun!
– On the Rocks – Personally, I got this shadow because sometime pure gold doesn’t work….AND I WAS RIGHT! This shadow is bronze with gold and violet undertones in glitters. So I still get the gold effect but with more character. It is pigmented and goes on very smooth, no flakiness what so ever!
– Fantasy – Neon pink/violet shadow with multi-dimensional glitter. I have only been able to use Fantasy under my waterline to give a pop of color to smokey eye looks. Nevertheless, it did not fail me! It gives such a pop to the eyes that anyone can notice it from far away (in a good way, of course).
The price point for these Colourpop Shadows are only $5 for 1 oz. ( which is a lot of product). ColourPop Carries shadows in many finishes, including Satins, Mattes, Metallics, Ultra-Metallics, Pearlized, and Pressed Pigments.
Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if y’all have any questions!

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