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Hi I’m Arma! I love two things the most in this world that is people and makeup, so I put those two together to make beautiful people. With the help of makeup I feel that if people feel comfortable in their skin they are full of energy and life. Makeup is empowering that give everyone the self confidence we always need. I can’t help it when with the help of a little lipstick and pop of blush I feel full of life and fun to be around, spreading my good energy off to the world one blush at a time!Career

edits (1 of 1)-10 3Arma started at a young age of 14 by getting hands-on experience from her talented aunt who owned her own salon. Her mother would have loved if she spent time after school studying to become a doctor one day, but she would sneak to my aunts salon where she was taught Indian/Pakistani hair styles and makeup. During her senior year of high school Arma started working at Carson Pierre Scott (located in Chicago) at the  Lancôme cosmetics makeup counter. Her very first freelance job was junior year home-coming and prom hair and makeup. Arma’s passion with makeup started as something she did as a part-time hobby but became a life style. Arma is found motivated, dedicated and full of energy when working with clients and when she is not taking appointments she is practicing, experimenting, and dreaming about makeup!